December 3, 2021 | By Greg Skulman

A Typical Dental Scenario When a Patient Visits for the First Time:

Hi, welcome to our office! So tell me a little about yourself. When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Two years ago? What, are you serious? Oh, no, that’s terrible! Why would you have Dental Insurance that pays for it 2 times a year? You should be taking advantage of this benefit from your employer. Well, let’s take a look. Oh my goodness, your gums are so inflamed and there is calculus buildup all over your teeth. There is no way I can take care of this today. We will have to reschedule your appointment and do a deep cleaning. I’ll get the Dr. to talk to you now.

Some healthcare Professionals miss the boat when talking to patients about their health. Judgment is never a way to win trust with a new patient. In fact, it can have the opposite effect and convince the patient they should have never attempted to start seeking help. Many dental patients had a traumatic experience as a child or even as an adult. For them to be in your office is a tremendous demonstration of courage. Usually, it is pain that gets them to finally accept they are going to have to seek treatment. As Dental Professionals, we need to use our psychological skills and determine the best manner to handle our patient’s fears. Genuine kindness, understanding and listening to our patients is the way to solidify long-lasting relationships with all our patients that have put their trust in us.

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